Corporate Accounting Practice

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Is This Story Your Story?

When I first assess the client’s accounting system, I usually find untuned record keeping system. I learn that the organization loses competitiveness and control of their business affairs as a result of being overloaded by the routine tasks of bookkeeping. An organization may want someone with specialized accounting expertise to set-up accounting system so that time would be spent on generating profits and running the business. Without proper accounting system in place, the business profits and operations are hurt because of stress or frustration placed on the shoulders of organization employees. But there is a solution: Let me change this story for you.

Never Again Struggle with Your Accounting!

Processing vendors’ bills, filing HST returns, remitting payroll deductions, and reconciling key accounts are all necessary nuisances of proper record-keeping. As an organization CEO, you would probably prefer the organization devote more time to implement corporate strategy rather than performing routine accounting tasks. Let me use my expertise and knowledge to optimize accounting operations at your organization. I offer my practice in Ottawa-Gatineau region. My practice is specialized in optimizing accounting systems for organizations with gross revenues under $500,000.