Gain Competitive Advantage

Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Ltée. provides a finite set of services on a periodic basis that will help you concentrate on mastering your business.

Primary Services are:

  • Design and implementation of accounting system tailored to your reporting needs.
  • Operations analysis, optimization, and design of accounting system.
  • Registration of businesses.

As an outcome, your organization will obtain corporate accounting services that provide the following benefits:

Reasonable Prices

Year-round accounting service billed at a fixed or predetermined rate

Peace of Mind

Free yourself from the burden of accounting functions

Cloud Technologies

You have an access to your information 24/7 from any place in the world

Reliable Link in
Your Business

Alexandre Comptabilité Spécialisé Ltée. is constantly by your side

Quality Control

Systematic, triple check of accounting system


Hourly Rate Time Unit Average AnnualLump-sum Fee
$41.50 30 minutes $12,000


The given prices of services are approximate and depend on such factors as a number of documents/information to be processed per month, the scope of services, etc.

The initial price can be fixed as agreed until a number of documents/information to be processed changes significantly. Some examples of factors that have the impact the service pricing are:

  1. Business structure
  2. Volume and complexity of transactions
  3. Degree of extent of segregation between business and owner