How do I Deliver my Services

1. Get Your Records Organized

I organize your current documents, putting them in order so you get a fresh start for the rest of your fiscal year. I set up a computerized accounting system for you to handle recording needs. I help you plan a schedule for you to pay your bills on a basis of your cash flow. These actions prevent your current situation from worsening.

2. Get in Good with Your Business

Once your records are organized, you’ll be able to focus more on operating your business.

3. Get Going!

After your accounting is properly set-up, I perform bookkeeping tasks as a Swiss watch:

  • process business documents as frequent as required by your business operations
  • submit tax remittances as required
  • review your accounting records, review cash flow and prepare internal financial statements
  • at the end of fiscal year, I prepare a tax return for yourself and your business.