Guiding Your Business Toward Success

Dear Business Owner,

  • Put an end to time-consuming paperwork
    Direct your time and energy from tedious paperwork to building your business. Consider year-round services that would help you to focus on the core activities of your business.
  • Minimize your communication with the CRA
    File accurate returns, backed-up with reliable supporting documents and records.
  • Increase your business growth potential
    Obtain reliable accounting information to determine opportunities for improvement, cost control, price changes or capital expenditures. Gain an understanding of your financial information to make better business decisions.


  • In business since 2004
  • Canadian education in Business Administration and Accounting
  • Time and availability to serve you and your business year round
  • Motivated and dedicated to the accounting profession and the understanding of its importance to the businesses

Feel free to contact me at 613-882-8404 or e-mail to set up an appointment to discuss your business needs. I look forward to serving you with integrity and reliability.


Alexander Bobkov